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Published 3 years ago by ubthejudge with 2 Comments

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  • ChrisTyler (edited 3 years ago)

    Let me guess, this is according to an anonymous source who doesn't actually have any proof of anything, but who promises that such proof does exist. Am I right?

    Edit: Yep, I was right. From the article:

    ...senior NSA official

    Current and former senior intelligence officials...

    A senior intelligence official...

    Senior intelligence officials...

    And not one of them produced any evidence of anything.

    • NotWearingPants

      It's WaPo, so of course there will be no evidence,and no named sources, but plenty of "might haves" and "maybe dids" and of course, "he should be impeached for it"

      They are trying hard to pass CNN in the Fake News sweepstakes.

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