• Lcthulou

    There's a lot about the puppies where they say one thing and do another. It's been written about pretty extensively. Check out Jim C. Hines post for a comprehensive and fair article with lots of sources: http://www.jimchines.com/2015/06/puppies-in-their-own-words/ I agree with Jim that there is nothing explicitly Sexist about the puppies, but the fact is their slate was less diverse ( And has much weaker works) than most recent ballots.

    Personally, I think they only glommed onto the politics to get useful fools on board. This was always about sour grapes and self promotion.

    • nauthas

      I mean I'm well traversed in Gamergate, and I saw a clear attempt to connect the two for a time, but I just ignored it and it seemed to pass. Seems a bit silly to me. I think they are probably feeding off of these articles. They'll fall into obscurity if people just ignore them, it seems.