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Published 4 years ago with 11 Comments
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  • sysadmin

    I added a link to their contact page. I'm about to send them an email.

    • tonicT

      Good idea I think I'll be doing the same.

      • sysadmin

        Just sent my email. Told them that Copenhagen is a beautiful city but I will never visit the zoo there because of the lack of responsible stewardship of the animals in its care. I also wished that whoever approved the decision to kill the healthy animal when other alternatives were available finds himself/herself without a job soon.

        • Splitfish

          I don't get why they just didn't send the poor thing to another zoo.

          • sysadmin

            I read several articles from different sources about this. They said Marius wasn't genetically exceptional and that no other zoo would want him (even though others had offered and there was a campaign to save him). The person who made the decision said he didn't see what the big deal was and that the campaign was overreacting. They killed Marius and allowed zoo visitors to watch while they skinned him, chopped him up, and then fed him to the lions. This seems like a grotesque publicity stunt to me. I hope they get all the publicity I feel they deserve and I hope some jobs are lost over this.

            • drunkenninja

              Exactly, as public relation stunts go, this one is despicable.

            • sysadmin
              @drunkenninja -

              by the publicity they deserve I mean negative publicity... I hope it causes people to be fired.

          • drunkenninja

            Because the whole bullshit story about inbreeding what just that... bullshit. They wanted to kill the animal, dissect it and feed it to the lions so that everyone can watch. This was all planned.

  • TNY

    Seriously Denmark?

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