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Published 2 years ago by theway with 5 Comments

So true.


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  • NotWearingPants

    My wife's friend has a browser that looks like this. I clean it up for her a couple times a year. I've given up on user training.

    It's not that she's dumb, necessarily. it's just that she doesn't understand technology that's more advanced than a basic 4-slice toaster. And can't or won't learn.

    • aj0690

      With my grandparents same exact story.

  • jedlicka

    9/10 The only problem is the time shown.

  • NinjaKlaus

    Watching that on CSPAN was like watching grandma who has only ever used Internet Explorer ask questions, it was rough. Most of it was about how can we pass a law that will hurt you? Will you help us pass a law to hurt you? When will you answer my questions about how to hurt your business?

    I don't like what Facebook does, but we don't need a law to stop them specifically if we aren't going to stop FISA, Five Eyes, PRISM, ISP's, Cell Phone companies, etc from doing the same stuff.

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