• sysadmin

    First off, you guys and gals who design snapzu have always been simply amazing at slick visuals. I'm hard pressed to think of many other sites who do what y'all do as well as y'all do it. Even the inevitable glitch are few and far between. Your team always does a super excellent job.

    I have one suggestion about something I've always found somewhat confusing. To me, there seem to be too many "rankings" of stories on the front page. You rank the popularity of snaps by size, position, color, and vote count. The amusing part is that sometimes these different ranks seem to contradict each other. I suggest hiding the vote count until you hover. It's too conspicuous and distracts from the pictures which are the main draw of the front page. I also suggest changing the color bar for the snaps back to the original idea of having it indicate a topic area. It was cool to scroll through to see that all the yellows were tech related (or whatever the old color used to be). Having the color indicate the primary subject area provides more useful info than the current system of indicating popularity. Let the position/size handle showing us how popular something is.

    Other than having too many ways of ranking popularity (especially when they appear to contradict each other), I think the changes are great. Keep up the good work!