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Published 5 years ago with 4 Comments

Snapzu's biggest challenge lies ahead

  • Over the past several years we have been working tirelessly developing this service. We hope it has met your expectations of what a great community driven website should be. We are a small team, a team that is passionate about this project, a team that needs your help to take this further than anything we can expect to achieve by ourselves.

    With the introduction of the invite system, the future growth of this community depends on you. Snapzu is only as great as the people you invite. Every new member receives 3 invite codes, with additional codes unlocked by reaching higher experience levels. We strongly urge our members to share these codes in an effort to expand the already fantastic member base. We hope this move will curb spam and bring in more contributing members, because after all Snapzu is better with friends.

    You can find your invite management page @ http://www.snapzu.com/invite (must be logged in)

    Thanks for reading!

    - Team Snapzu

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  • baron778

    I didn't even notice the invites came back. I'll definitely share some around.

  • 8mm

    I'll do what I can. And Thanks for everything.

  • drunkenninja

    The invite system is definitely a great way to keep the spammers away, just as long as they aren't too easy to acquire...

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