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Published 3 years ago by kxh with 4 Comments

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  • Gozzin

    I've read some of her books. I just get so sick of queens and kings having to be in almost everything!

    • kxh

      In terms of history, we humans mostly had hereditary rulers. Some of her more unusual stories had different political systems. It's been too long since I read them though so I can't name any. I read a bunch of her short stories recently that were much more anthropologically focused and not all her societies had kings or queens, some of them didn't have men or women.

      • Gozzin (edited 3 years ago)

        Yeah,that's true. Her The Left hand Of Darkness is my all time favorite and I wish she had followed up on that,but nope. Grass was my other favorite. These are really the only two, of all her books I read, that stick out in my mind . They actually made an impact over the years for me and I recommend them to others as need be. The rest were just so so for me. A few I could not slog through and gave up on. I can't remember which those were now. One of her books was made into an hour long movie and aired on PBS. I can't remember what that was either.

        • kxh

          The Lathe of Heaven?

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