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Release 5.0.1 - Feed-based Status Updates and General Bug Fixes

We have added an ability to post feed based status updates to quickly share what's on your mind. A number of usability issues and visual glitches were also corrected.

  • With this small update, users can now make quick and simple profile posts, along with the option to include a single image or embedded video to go along with them, for only their followers to see.

    This new feed item is classified under the dark grey "Events" feed type, and can be filtered out using general feed settings, like the rest. It is located only in the "Following Users" feed type and there is no voting of any kind. It was built with the intention of simplicity, however we may consider adding in a commenting area for discussion if enough people request it. With enough feedback, we hope to further expand on other functionality as well.

    We hope you like it.

    Team Snapzu

    Update [29.10.2014]:

    1. Status updates now support a simple user commenting
    2. User mentions within status updates now work and will appear as a notification just like being mentioned in a comment
    3. Snap owners will now be able to remove any Related Links posted to their snaps

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  • [Deleted Profile]

    [This comment was removed]

  • doodlegirl

    I like it, is there a character limit of any kind?

  • jcscher

    I like this idea,and comments would be good.

  • ppp

    Cool, THX!

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