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Release 5.1.2 - Content Organization & Management Expansion

We are excited to introduce a number of improvements to managing and organizing the content that's posted, along with the content interesting enough to save. This update focuses on expanding the previous "Snaps Management" area to provide support for additional content types (ie. comments & text posts) as well as more sorting and filtering options. We have also dramatically improved the Snapzine functionality, as well as added the ability to save text posts and comments.

  • Posts Overview

    As you may have already noticed, the Snaps tab in your main profile navigation bar is now called Posts. The entire area had a major face lift and was expanded with new functionality that allows for the tracking and management of two additional types of content, "Text Posts" and "Comments". Below are notes on what has been changed:

    • The "Snaps" area is now called "Posts" due to extended support for all 3 content types. All links leading to that page have also been updated to this new terminology.
    • The "overview" and "manage" snaps sections have been merged into one list, which allows for additional filtering, sorting and edit/remove buttons.
    • The bookmarklet has been converted into a button that is now located on the right bar. Clicking this button will trigger a popover with instructions on adding the bookmarklet to your browser's bookmarks bar.
    • There are a number of new filter options have been added for additional flexibility in locating specific content.
    • There are now 4 distinct sections, "All", "Snaps", "Text Posts" and "Comments".
    • There is a "My Drafts" shortcut that automatically lists all unpublished snaps in draft mode. Clicking the "Clear All Filters" button will exit "My Drafts" mode.
    • There is a new "up/down vote stat" located to the right of the vote score.
    • A new "X Saves" counter displays the amount of saves each content item has received over the lifetime of the post. ("Save" was previously "Pin", another change that is mentioned just below.)
    • General design improvements across all pages.
  • Saving posts into Snapzines

    The Snapzine functionality has also received a significant overhaul in order to create a better more functional way to keep track of the most interesting of posts. Below is an outline of general changes to the way your Snapzine will function from now on:

    • The "pinup" terminology was confusing so we changed "pin/pins/pinned" to "save/saves/saved". Some people associated it as a Pinterest cross-feature which was causing confusion. Terminology for "Snapzine" and "Editions" remains the same.
    • The ability to save text posts and comments has been added.
    • Your home feed's previous "Pinned Snaps" filtering type (now called "Saved Item Feed") will also now show updates from text posts and comments, along with snaps.
    • Your home feed will now only display saved content within owner's profile, no other "saved" events will be broadcast.
    • Saves contain additional information like tribes, poster and content type.
    • The grid view has been retired from the Snapzine to make way for multiple content support as well as proper pagination and filtering. All items are now shown in a list.
    • There are now 4 distinct sections for each Snapzine: "All", "Snaps", "Text Posts" and "Comments". Selecting one shows only that specific type of post.
    • Clicking on the green round star icon allows to edit what "edition" the content was saved. These editions essentially act like folders to sort your saved posts.
    • Edition management and filtering has been moved from the top area of the Snapzine to the right bar. Mousing over an edition and holding the cursor there for a second will slide out edit/delete options.
    • Two new filters have been added that allow for improved selection of saved content based on time frame.
    • The create edition and management popover functionality has been streamlined for quicker creation and management.
    • Saves now generate 5 BP of XP to original poster.

    Note: A private mode for your Snapzine is coming soon. Selecting private mode will make all saves visible only to the account owner and not any other user.

  • Miscellaneous Updates

    We also managed to squeeze in a few updates based on the user feedback we constantly receive. Here's a short list:

    • Submit button now opens a popover instead of a drop down, which solves the issue of the drop down menu disappearing if the process takes a bit too long.
    • In your home feed (and other areas), long text posts and comments are truncated with an option to expand and view the full post.
    • Improved image display functionality in comments. Images are now clickable and open a new tab for full size viewing. Hyperlinked text no longer disappears when clicked and replaced with image.

    That's about it. Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoy the new changes! If you run into any issues or have any suggestions, please leave any feedback you have in the comments section below. We check them often.


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  • OldTallGuy

    I like the changes, having all Posts with the option of specifying just Snaps, Text, and Comment posts is a nice touch.

    A+ for a grade on this update.

    • massani

      Agreed. I let out an audible dammmmmnnnn when I saw it.

  • Gozzin

    it just gets better and better. It's definitely shaping up.

  • Autumnal

    Balls, I still can't use the bookmarklet with Edge :/

    Everything is pretty phenomenal otherwise, though.

  • Cobbydaler

    How do you delete a snap now? I can unpublish, but can find no way to delete one.

    • [Deleted Profile] (edited 8 years ago)

      [This comment was removed]

    • jcscher

      Click on Posts,then click on snaps,then go down the page and on the right click on Offline.

  • rti9

    This means that someone should probably update the FAQ.

    It would be nice if a text appeared telling when rolling over the new small blue edit post and red delete post buttons.

    On some of my posts, there is a green star on top of the title and to the left of the number of upvotes and downvotes. What is that? Could that also have a rollover indication of what it is?

    • canuck

      The green star is the amount of times it was saved by other users, and yeah it would be nice to have some sort indication of what it is. The FAQ seems to be updated (proper?) for me.

      • rti9

        Nice. I took a look at the Snaps section and I guess the usage of the name Snap but indicating them on the top as Posts is indeed confusing.

  • microfracture

    Yet another solid update. Thanks for everything you all do. :)

  • GingerBreadMan

    Great update all. I love that the comments are now in the "Posts" tab. Makes it super easy to keep up on those.

    I also really like the pop-up screen for submitting a link and I am even starting to like the window that pops up when you are prompted to choose the category.

    10/10 update.

  • Caio

    I stumbled upon some minor bugs (not related to the update), where do we report those, do you have a tribe for that?

  • Cobbydaler

    It used to be that when you filtered on pinups you saw all off your snaps that had been pinned by other users. Now, when you filter on saves, you only see the snaps that you have saved since the change and none that other users have.

  • click (edited 8 years ago)

    I've seen some comments where the hyperlink text still disappears with pictures, like this comment.

    Also in that case there's no way to get the picture to be removed (and see the text) without refreshing the page. Not sure if others have noticed this too?

  • lgramlich

    Where do I send my DMCA notice, to stop your users from stealing and publishing my work?

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