• MajesticAlot

    Can you create a private tribe? Over on The Site That Shall Not Be Named there is an option for private communities. I am a licensed attorney who wants to make a haven where only verified attorneys can view/post the content (huge issue for confidentiality purposes, among other reasons). Is this possible? Is this feature forthcoming? Many of us would love an excuse to move this community here, but we can't without a private tribe option!

    • drunkenninja

      Hi /u/MajesticAlot, we do not yet have a private tribe option but it is in the plans.

      • click

        Is there a list of "is in the plans" things? reading this thread I've seen mobile apps, private tribe, and a bunch of other cool things. It'd be neat to see a list with, if I'm not asking too much, progress reports on separate items.

        Furthermore - is there or will there ever be any plans into making Snapzu open source?