• drunkenninja

    Hi Snapzu! I'm really glad to see that right now the snapzu community seems to have mostly - if not only - cool people around. My question is: have you thought about a system that would handle the innevitable trolls or haters that will eventually find their way in this community? (such as report/flag abusive posts and/or comments) Just thinking ahead, like I said, so far everyone has been really awesome. Thanks!

    Hi /u/nomadtoltec, and welcome to snapzu! Actually, a system sort of what you're referring to is already in place. This site has a reputation score applied to all members that alongside the leveling system works really well in distinguishing the helpful "nice" users from the trolls. You can read a bit more about the way the system works here. So far it has worked really well, and I'm sure in the future there will be even more things created to keep the trolls at bay. Also, the down vote works really well on trolls, as it lowers their reputation score making them less visible amongst comments and snaps.

    • nomadtoltec

      Thanks for the welcome and the reply, drunkenninja.