• Aaron215 (edited 7 years ago)

    This is a fantastic way to differentiate yourself from Reddit. I've always found that recent comments are "downvoted" by users in order to help their own comments rise faster, and get more visibility. By limiting the number of downvotes a day to such a small number, I feel like you're not only fostering a more friendly community, but also encouraging people to use them wisely. The "reason" drop down box is wonderful. So often I would wonder if a quick downvote was because my comment was taken in a way I didn't mean it to be taken, was ignorant or wrong therefore detracting from the discussion, or if it was from someone trying to make their own comment seem better in comparison. Great work on this feature.

    EDIT: I've just found out that the dropdown box isn't for comments, but only for snaps. I guess I didn't read closely enough. I think that the dropdown box should be for comments as well, but perhaps with different options.