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Published 6 years ago with 1 Comments

FAQ: Voting

FAQ about voting on Snapzu.

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      What is the point of voting?

      Voting is a democratic approach to online content curation in the Snapzu community. Everyone with an account can vote on what they like and want to see more of. The total sum of all votes decides a snap's exposure amount where the most popular snaps get the most exposure.

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      Are my votes private?

      Yes, your vote is always completely private, and no other user will ever know how, and on what you have voted. The only information that is public is the amount of votes you have placed.

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      When should I up vote a snap?

      Users should up vote snaps that they find interesting and/or enjoyable and want to help it gain more exposure so other users can also discover it.

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      When should I down vote a snap?

      Users should down vote snaps that don't belong in the specified tribe, aren't in English, include offensive or lack-luster content, or are obvious spam. Simply not finding it interesting should not warrant a down vote, as down votes are a great tool for crowd-sourced quality control of the content shown.

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      When should I up vote a comment?

      Users should up vote comments that add to the discussion. Users are also encouraged to up vote comments even if they are based on an idea that they disagree with, as long as it furthers the discussion.

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      When should I down vote a comment?

      Users should down vote comments that are irrelevant to the discussion or obvious attempts at spamming or trolling. Don't ever down vote a comment simply because you disagree.

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      Is the a limit to how many things I can down vote?

      Yes, all new profiles ranging from level 1 to 10 get a maximum of 5 down votes per day, so use them wisely! Progress to higher levels will unlock additional daily down vote credits all the way up to 100 at level 50. This approach assures that down votes are used appropriately and only in situations where they are truly warranted.

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      Do I get XP for voting?

      Yes, at the end of the day we calculate how many votes you placed and give you a XP bonus. This bonus is calculated once per day.

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      Why does a "Reason?" button slide down when I down vote and what is it for?

      This button allows you to enter a reason as for why you down voted the snap. There are a number of reasons provided such as Spam, Re-post, or Wrong tribe and it allows the original poster to know why they might have been down voted. You can see these when clicking the red arrow just under the score on the right side of each snap.

  • More Questions?

    If you have any additional questions you feel need to be answered in this FAQ, please post in the below comments section. We are constantly looking to update this section!


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  • Aaron215 (edited 4 years ago)

    This is a fantastic way to differentiate yourself from Reddit. I've always found that recent comments are "downvoted" by users in order to help their own comments rise faster, and get more visibility. By limiting the number of downvotes a day to such a small number, I feel like you're not only fostering a more friendly community, but also encouraging people to use them wisely. The "reason" drop down box is wonderful. So often I would wonder if a quick downvote was because my comment was taken in a way I didn't mean it to be taken, was ignorant or wrong therefore detracting from the discussion, or if it was from someone trying to make their own comment seem better in comparison. Great work on this feature.

    EDIT: I've just found out that the dropdown box isn't for comments, but only for snaps. I guess I didn't read closely enough. I think that the dropdown box should be for comments as well, but perhaps with different options.

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