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FAQ: The Front Page

The front page shows the most popular content as voted by the community. Our smart-grid engine assigns a specific score to each snap. Depending on the up vs down vote score and a dozen other factors a snap will climb the front page and grow in size as it gains popularity. Popular snaps are big for a reason. There is a substantial amount of technology based on intelligent algorithms that help fight spam, lackluster content and re-posts.

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      What is the front page?

      The front page is the index page of Snapzu where the top and most popular content is shown, based on user voting. It shows the most popular content from all user-run tribes.

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      What is the List View?

      The List View is a more traditional way to view content and allows for the most up-to-date content without having to wait for incremental updates like on the Grid View. Members have the option to filter between, “All tribes” and “My Tribes” thus giving the option to show “all” content or content posted within their subscribed tribes. It also has numerous available sifting options.

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      What is the Grid View?

      The Grid View is a new visual approach to discovering great content posted by the community and displays snaps inside a number of different sized boxes that grow in size as content becomes more popular. New snaps always start with a small 1x1 box and can grow up to 6x larger with enough votes. The grid is updated every 10 minutes.

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      Can I browse the front page by category?

      Yes, each major category (such as "Science & Space" or "Health & Body") has it's own Front Page (list and grid). The tribes a snap is submitted to is what decides what category it is placed in.

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      What is the Front Page Score (FPS)?

      The front page score is a total score for a particular snap that is used in displaying it on the front page in a specific order. The higher the FPS, the bigger the area that will be devoted to that snap. The FPS is collected from votes placed in each tribe submitted to, and other areas of Snapzu. Each user can only affect a snap's FPS by +1, or -1, even if voting on the same snap from multiple tribes or sources.

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      What is the difference of sizes in snaps on the front page?

      The front page uses a "Trending" algorithm to display snaps in various sizes in various areas. The size of a snap displayed depends on its popularity, and it's position on the grid is dependent on it's age.

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      How is the Front Page Score calculated?

      A formula consisting of voting from all tribes along with social activity on the snap is used in the calculation to determine the FPS score.

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      Can I customize the front page?

      Due to the many resource intensive calculations done every 5 minutes to keep the front page fresh with new content, we currently have no way to generate a personalized version of the grid view (magazine style) of this page for each user. You may choose to switch over to the list view (next tab over), and select "My Tribes" instead of "All Tribes", which will only show content if it is included in one of your subscribed tribes (only available for members).

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      What is the Tribe Index?

      Tribe index displays the most popular tribes, which are shown per category and in order of membership size. It is a great resource to discover popular tribes to join.

  • More Questions?

    If you have any additional questions you feel need to be answered in this FAQ, please post in the below comments section. We are constantly looking to update this section!


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  • sjvn

    I've two questions. The first is that under the new design I'm sometimes unable to find any way to upvote a post--or downvote for that matter--am I missing something? Is this a bug? The other is that I've found no way to ask questions, like the one I just asked. There needs to be a clear pointer for the appropriate place for user questions and concerns.

    Thanks for listening!

    • teamsnapzu (edited 9 years ago)

      Hi sjvn, to answer your first question we have at this point in time hidden the right bar from showing up on smaller resolutions in an attempt to make content more readable and less cluttered (especially for mobile devices such as tablets and phones). We do plan on adding the voting functionality in the near future, however it's a matter of figuring out the best way.

      In the recent version 5.0 update we decided to remove the /t/lounge tribe from the top area of the home page, we are regretting this decision and will re-add the tribe in the next few days just as soon as we figure out a good place to do so. Thanks for leaving us your feedback, and our apologizes for the late reply.

  • GroundhogNight

    Hey! So there are individual stories that I want to remove from the home page (whether it's All Tribes or My Tribes), and I don't see a way to do that.

    An example. There's currently a story about how to make the perfect bloody mary. I have no inclination to look at such a story. But it's been on the main page all day. Ideally, I'd like to remove it and have something fresh show up in its place. Is there any mechanism for this function?

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