• mintymayhem

    Honestly, seeing everyone's maps and other diagrams and stuff is one of my favourite things when it comes to learning about others' worlds, and I'll be sure to post my own stuff soon enough! Though we have decided on a rule when it comes to posting your own maps, especially if you're going to start your own discussion:

    Please give some sort of context or background for your maps.

    This won't be like the subreddit where people can just post images and stuff without any background. All maps and related images should have at least some qualifier attached, especially if you're asking people to leave suggestions and the like. I figure this is the best place to warn people that any map or similar image we find without context of some sort will most likely be removed. Since this thread is partially about making maps FOR worldbuilding, it's okay to describe how you made it if you choose not to talk about the world itself.

    Either I or Snowy will update the rules to include this in the near future.

    • l337Ninja

      Question: I have a mostly finished map and a general idea for the world I'm mapping. Think posting an incomplete map here would be alright?

      • Grassgrows

        Sure! Link all you got! Maybe some of the advanced world builders on here could help you out too!