Present all your Cartography art!

I decided to open up this thread so we could all see what we have all so far created in terms of Maps and visual plans for our worlds. Be it islands, countries or even whole continents, it would be great to see some of that sweet artwork of you all :)

I myself am planning to create a map of my fantasy island, but am not too sure as to what program to use, and if there are any dedicated tools out there that would benefit me to start out. If you have any tips for a newcomer such as me, please do feel free to leave them here!

Thank you all in advance and have a great morning/day/evening/night :)

8 years ago by Grassgrows with 5 comments

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  • mintymayhem

    Honestly, seeing everyone's maps and other diagrams and stuff is one of my favourite things when it comes to learning about others' worlds, and I'll be sure to post my own stuff soon enough! Though we have decided on a rule when it comes to posting your own maps, especially if you're going to start your own discussion:

    Please give some sort of context or background for your maps.

    This won't be like the subreddit where people can just post images and stuff without any background. All maps and related images should have at least some qualifier attached, especially if you're asking people to leave suggestions and the like. I figure this is the best place to warn people that any map or similar image we find without context of some sort will most likely be removed. Since this thread is partially about making maps FOR worldbuilding, it's okay to describe how you made it if you choose not to talk about the world itself.

    Either I or Snowy will update the rules to include this in the near future.

    • l337Ninja

      Question: I have a mostly finished map and a general idea for the world I'm mapping. Think posting an incomplete map here would be alright?

      • Grassgrows

        Sure! Link all you got! Maybe some of the advanced world builders on here could help you out too!

  • tarso (edited 8 years ago)

    I present to you: Map of Myrndur

    Myrndur is the world of my D20 rpg fantasy setting Mystworld, but I have recently moved on to another world, where I am going to recycle and enhance the good stuff from Mystworld and make the whole world better.

    I created the map using GIMP but it's a long time since and I can't remember the correct steps. And I didn't use tutorial, so I'm afraid the technique is lost. :(

    Edit: Seeing Minty's post below, I figured I'd post some more information on my world, instead of waiting for people to ask questions.

    Myrndur is a fantasy world including typical fantasy races humans, elves and dwarves (although there are several off-branching subraces of elves such as the green-skinned vylaan, the shape-shifting lhurienathi, the haughty pale-skinned vrenori; "pure elves" call themselves aratheƫl; dwarves call themselves the dhouvarr), but also new races such as the bhakiri, the koroku and krimir (which I've mentioned in the Sentient Races of Your World thread), the akavali (blue-skinned hairless planar travelers with elongated arms and legs and psionic powers) and istead of orcs the urakathaal (who are descendants of the elven beastgod Garbadroth and his many elven "lovers") There are more races such as the Ogren, the Ikaiji, and the Kanara. Ask and you shall recieve :)

    Myrndur is an ancient world. It is named after its creator, the overgod Myrn. It is engulfed in raw magical energy called the Myst, and mages can manipulate the Myst and are called Mystweavers. Hence why the setting is called Mystworld.

    I have much more information on the world, but I don't want to drown you all...

    TLDR: Map of Myrndur which is a world engulfed by raw magical energy (the Myst).

    • Grassgrows

      That is one epic world you have there, wow! I love how many races you manage to implement. Tell me, how are the relationships between all of them? Do they like each other, do they trade goods? Or fight wars?