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  • Analysis
    12 months ago
    by paddystacks
    +32 +1

    Finland’s Basic Income Pilot Was Never Really A Universal Basic Income

    Much has been made of the end of the Nordic country’s experiment with giving some of its residents cash, but the program was actually a conservative welfare program that doesn’t say anything about the true UBI experiments in the works around the world.

  • Current Event
    10 months ago
    by grandsalami
    +14 +1

    Elon Musk: Free cash handouts from the government ‘will be necessary’ if robots take humans' jobs

    Billionaire tech titan Elon Musk has been tweeting quite a lot of late — about everything from his philosophical mentors (Douglas Adams and Isaac Asimov) to his political leanings (he's a socialist). But nearly lost in a flurry of tweets, Musk now says that universal basic income (UBI) — essentially, free cash handouts — "will be necessary over time if AI [artificial intelligence] takes over most human jobs."

  • Current Event
    7 months ago
    by geoleo
    +17 +1

    Hundreds sign up for universal basic income experiment in Swiss town

    Nearly 600 people have signed on to take part in a universal basic income (UBI) experiment in the northern Swiss town of Rheinau meaning researchers are close to hitting the number needed for the project to have any chance of going ahead. In the seven days since the enrolment process began, 588 residents of the town have agreed to take part in the project which would see participating adults receive a monthly universal basic income (UBI) of 2,500 francs ($2,570) for a year. This means the woman behind the experiment, Swiss filmmaker Rebecca Panian, has almost hit her target of at least 650 participants.

  • Current Event
    7 months ago
    by zyery
    +12 +1

    Universal basic income wouldn’t make people lazy–it would change the nature of work

    Americans believe in the importance of a good day’s work. And so it’s understandable that the prospect of a universal basic income (UBI), in which the government would issue checks to cover the basic costs of living, rubs some people the wrong way. Writing in The Week in 2014, Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry envisions a UBI dystopia in which “millions of people” are “listing away in socially destructive idleness,” with “the consequences of this lost productivity reverberating throughout the society in lower growth and, probably, lower employment.”