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Growth of Team Snapper

Ok, so my predictions that we would currently have significantly more members than all humans to have ever lived, in hindsight, were misguided. I think I forgot to carry the one, or missed a decimal perhaps. Either way, whilst we have grown, we are still small - especially when you consider the significance of the topic we are covering.

I have been asked by the board here at Team Snapper to make significant growth of the tribe over the next two weeks, otherwise I will be forced to resign. There is apparently a high flying woman in silicon valley, with social media expertiese, who has recently come to have a lot more time on her hands over the last 24 hours and the board has been eager to get in talks with her.

To put it simply - if each of our current tribe members invited merely 300 people each via PM, with an assumed conversion rate of ~80-85% we would have 2640 members in no time. Just think about that for a second. That's a lot of support for the truth, something which could only benefit snapzu and us as individuals. I'll leave it with you all...just think about it.

4 years ago by double2

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