• DirtyCommie

    I think that it would depend on what state you would be in after you "escaped". If you escaped into a virtual reality and your body was just left sitting in a chair connected to the VR then all you would do is drain resources as people would have to make sure you didn't die in this comatose state while you were enjoying yourself in your virtual world. You would benefit as you would be in a world that you likely chose and are probably enjoying yourself but you are also not contributing anything to society in the real world. This is obviously bad.

    If on the other hand your escape was through suicide or through some other way that directly harmed you then you are getting into a whole other argument altogether. Now you are talking about whether everyone should have complete autonomy over their body, the right to die and the effects of these situations on the person and society as a whole.

    • Raycu

      I was more speaking of permanently transferring your conscience into another reality without dying.