/t/pirates I want to claim it!

The chief has not been around for awhile now. I hate to see it just sit there so I want to board it and grab its treasures.

6 years ago by CrookedTale with 5 comments

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  • drunkenninja

    Ok, it's up for grabs!

    • CrookedTale

      Thanks!!!! I will be loading the cannons post haste! I will also be loaded.... so there's that to look forward to.

      • drunkenninja

        Loading the cannons while loaded may seem like a dangerous activity :D Wish you all the best with that!

        • CrookedTale

          The gods didn't give me two of each limb so I could worry about losing one. They always provide a spare! BOOM!

          • drunkenninja (edited 6 years ago)

            You should've been born an octopus!