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My Favourites! An Exhaustive List.

In order of my podcast app (which is iCatcher! by the way):

99% Invisible

A Cast of Kings

A Way With Words


Conversation Parade: An Adventure Time Podcast


Dan Carlin's Hardcore History

Documentary of the Week (BBC)

Faculty of Horror

Freakonomics Radio

Fresh Air

A Game of Microphones

Game of Thrones the Podcast


Grammar Girl

Here Be Monsters

How Did This Get Made?

I Was There Too

Incomparable (Superfeed)



Latest in Paleo

Love + Radio

My Brother, My Brother and Me

Mystery Show

Orange is the New Cast

Planet Money

Pop Culture Happy Hour


Radio Nutrition

Reply All

Roderick on the Line

Savage Lovecast



Silver Screen Queens

Slate's Culture Gabfest

Slate's Double X

Slate's Spoiler Specials

Slate's The Gist

Start Up Podcast

Studio 360

Sword and Scale

TED Radio Hour


Thank God I'm Atheist

The Broad Experience

The Flop House

The Godless Spellchecker

The Moth

The Nutrition Diva

The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe

The Walking Deadcast

The Weekly Planet

This American Life

Throwing Shade

Useless Information

Watching Dead


You Are Not So Smart

You Made it Weird

Your Health NPR

Particular Favourites <3

Happy to discuss why the favorites are the favourites if anyone is interested in one!

3 years ago by PixelTreason with 4 comments

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  • Calcipher

    Have you not listened to Radiolab? Given your other NPR picks, it would seem to be right your your alley. Also, may I suggest one of my favorites, "How To Do Everything"?

  • judog24

    How Rude! The Full House Podcast, Giant Bombcast, and MyBMBaM are the podcasts that I enjoy listening to on a weekly basis. Sawbones is a podcast that I enjoy listening to, but I normally wait for a couple of new episodes to be released before I listen to it.

  • meh (edited 3 years ago)

    Do you listen to all of those on a regular basis? I can hardly keep up with my 6 subscriptions!

    In no particular order:

    - Hello Internet
    - Cortex
    - What's the Point
    - Freakonomics
    - Reply All
    - 99% Invisible

    Edit: does list markdown work?

    • PixelTreason


      I do have a job that I can keep 1 earbud in most of the day. I'll check the ones you listed that I haven't heard yet out, thanks!