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/t/interestingasfuck A place to share anything and everything interesting.

Come join us, maybe post a snap or two, check out other peoples snaps and just enjoy.

Thats pretty much it, come and sub.

3 years ago by Juka with 5 comments

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  • LacquerCritic

    What makes /t/interestingasfuck different from /t/interesting other than the fact that it has the same name as a popular subreddit on reddit? I'm concerned about redditors coming to Snapzu and making tribes identical in purpose to existing tribes for the sake of trying to capitalize on the popularity of a given subreddit. If your tribe does have a different purpose though, I'd be open to hear what it is.

    • Juka

      /t/Interesting regards anything that is interesting (think wikia articles and the such) whereas /t/interestingasfuck will only allow extremely interesting pictures and videos. There is also that i followed the subreddit often and really enjoyed it and thought why not? I also don't see any harm done.

      • LacquerCritic

        Since your new tribe is different, I think that's fine - from looking at the two of them originally they seemed to be aiming for the same content, but as you've described, yours has more specific requirements.

        With that said, I hope you can still see how it might be detrimental the existing community in Snapzu if everyone came in from reddit hoping to duplicate reddit regardless of what the community culture already had established.

    • idlethreat

      I agree with you. While I enjoy the name, it's really a dilution of the superb job /u/drunkenninja is going over at /t/interesting.

      • Juka

        It seems to me that /t/interesting is overfloated with article websites and the such. Should you read my reply to user LacquerCritic you will surely understand. The two subforums are different.