Hey guys, this is an idea I'm trying out, hoping it will increase the value of the conversations on our website.

We can be realistic, our community is quite small; we have a great atmosphere and to me, and possibly to most of us, this is absolutely awesome and exactly what we are looking for, especially when the opinions we have actually matter here.

What we shouldn't do, however, is completely seclude ourselves from the online environment. I think it'd be amazing if we could keep an open mind and have a look at what is going on in other places of the internet. What ideas other people have, what other users think.

The tribe /t/webtopics looks to showcase such interesting conversations and promote them for discussion on this website.

We should be making active contributions here, but nobody is to say that we can not borrow topics from other websites.

I have made an example post in the tribe so people can see what I'm basically thinking of.

THE IMPORTANT RULE OF THE TRIBE IS THAT IF YOU SAW IT HERE, YOU SHOULD COMMENT HERE. Don't go picking on people on other websites saying that you don't agree.

7 years ago by bogdan with 1 comments

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  • Cheesemangeur

    Sounds like a good idea, I'm happy to join and see where this is going!