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The UK Votes Today on the EU

Damned if we do, damned if we don't

If we stay we'll have to start electing governments who will stand up to Europe and say No! from time to time.

2 years ago by cunt with 3 comments

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  • belangermira

    Can you explain why this is such a big issue? I've seen it all over the news lately.

    • cunt

      :( Shit

    • cunt

      It would be like Texas leaving the USA only much, much bigger.

      Originally the UK entered the EU for freedom of trade followed by freedom of movement. Now however, they have imposed laws and courts which allow foreigners - Abu Hamza for example - to stay in the country because we can't deport him without breaking the European Human Rights law despite him being foreign(He's gone now thankfully but he could have gone 5 years earlier)

      Germany has allowed millions of middle eastern migrants(mostly young working age males) into europe who are raping and robbing and who we don't know the backgrounds of and is forcing other countries to take them despite said other countries telling them to get to fuck because: EU

      It's impacting the sovereignty of our nation(other nations arent happy about it either, Hungary for example) and we don't want to keep bailing out Eurozone countries when it's not our problem