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PSA: Please NO tribe promotion in /t/lounge

Recently there has been a lot of tribe promotion in the /t/lounge, and I feel it's taking away from the general "lounge" feeling of the place. I will sticky a link to the /t/newtribes community so that those who have created a new community can share it with the rest of us.

Any post that is promoting a new tribe will be removed from the /t/lounge.

Thanks all, I hope this will organize things a bit around here.

1 year ago by drunkenninja with 30 comments

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  • bigkix

    That makes sense, but you should change notifications when a new tribe is created because Snapzu urges you to promote the tribe in /t/lounge.

    • Teakay

      Good, so I'm not insane. I was pretty sure this was exactly what I was told to do when I created my tribes.

      • TornArse

        No, you're not insane. I came here for that very reason.

    • drunkenninja

      You're absolutely correct. The oversight has been corrected :)

      • thrust

        Hm, I just created a tribe and I'm sure at some point it still recommended me to post the tribe along with an introduction to /t/lounge.

        • drunkenninja

          Can you let me know where so I can me the appropriate changes?

          • sin

            In the tribe referral program, step 2, when you wait for approval the tip says:

            1. Introduce yourself and your tribe(s) in the Lounge.

            • drunkenninja

              Ah, yes you're right. I will have this corrected.

          • dannycdannydo

            It still asks you to do so when you complete the referral program for your tribe. Just saw this as of 5 mins ago.

          • CrazyDiamond

            I just made a tribe. This is what I saw

    • ortsac

      Yeah that's the only reason I've posted my tribes here

    • Juka

      Thanks I was about to mention that. Good eye.

  • gladsdotter

    We do have a Daily Dose discussion for specific topics, and the one on Tuesdays is dedicated to tribes (Tribe Talk Tuesdays). You can shamelessly promote tribes in that Daily Dose thread, but in a way that will keep all the discussion in one thread per week.

    • bigkix

      This is a relly good idea and a catchy name!

  • PrismDragon

    Hmm... If that's the case, we may want to auto-subscribe users to /t/newtribes by default.

    • picklefingers

      As the chief of that tribe, I support this notion :D!

  • reason

    But... but... but what if I want to create a tribe for plush unicorns and make sure thousands of people see it and subscribe?

    On a more serious note, how's everyone doing?

    • drunkenninja

      Post it in the /t/newtribes! :D

      Working to keep this place stable and up. I guess time will tell!

      • Gozzin

        It will indeed. I could not get on this morning and it's running slow when I do. I guess someone should send them a new server.

  • sushmonster

    Good call! That said, all this makes me glad I joined and settled in here right before the recent surge hahah! It's good to see this community grow so suddenly. :)

    • Moderator

      That said, all this makes me glad I joined and settled in here right before the recent surge hahah!

      Yeah. I actually know who you are. Of the few thousand new members, I remember no one so far. Lol.

      • sushmonster

        Aww that made me happy haha. But yeah I've been trying to keep track of some of the new users, which has been a fruitless endeavour!

  • ClarkKent

    Sounds good! Thanks for the update!

  • kvn

    I just created a tribe and it told me to come here to share my tribe.

  • [Deleted Profile]

    [This comment was removed]

  • mithrandir

    Where is the place to promote tribes? I notice some tribes are on the front page, is there some sort of member threshold?

    • SevenTales

      Well after a while, when the tribe is big enough, it'll be picked up by the tribes index and if I got everything correctly, those are pretty much the "defaults" that goes into the front page.
      You can promote tribes to /t/newtribes :D

  • mikeBnimble

    I just created a new tribe and it specifically told me to come here and promote it. Just FYI.