• Firetail

    Its hard. I still remember when we met, I had just broken up from a long term abusive relationship with Digg and she was there for me to support me and help me deal with my emotions. One thing led to another and we eventually got married and had kids. Things were looking good for us but over the years she put on a few pounds (which I was cool with) and slowly started abusing me the same way my old girlfriend Digg did.

    I am heartbroken Reddit turned into this horrible cranky mistress who takes me for granted. I finally had the balls to escape and run away from the nightmare but it's tough. I still love her very much for what she used to be and meant to me. She did so much for me and I feel betrayed and sad now. I tried talking with her, reasoning with her, all she did was shadowban me. I'm so afraid of comment now after the horrible experiences I've had and I'm having a hard time accepting that this is not a phase and she won't change back to that sweet lovely girl I fell in love with.

    • Fooferhill

      So you know you were right to go. She is who she is and she ain't likely to change for anyone. Big hugs to help you through the tough times. If that doesn't work take to drinking- many a heartbreak has been nursed by a stiff drink and a Neil Diamond song!