What's that? Another new person?

Hi everyone. It was suggested that I post here, starting out. I'm one of the many in the mass exodus from Reddit. I'll be honest in that I've signed up for Voat as well, in hopes of finding a new home. The recent events in Reddit have really soured it's experience for me and, already, it feels like there's less quality content there. I'll browse my front page and see nothing new. I'm excited to start here, especially since Voat keeps going down. Not their fault, obviously, but still.

I'm into a little bit of everyone. One of those jack of all trades type people. Heavy on the gaming, nursing, and anime, though. So you'll get a variety of content from me. :)

Once I'm in my desktop rather than my phone, I'll explore more and see what all is in store.

8 years ago by Hedgehogjawn with 3 comments

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  • joker

    Welcome to the family!

    Might want to stay away from me. I'm the black sheep.

    You bulldoze one elementary, and all of a sudden you're the weird one (sheesh).

  • LacquerCritic

    Welcome! Make sure you take a gander at the FAQs if you haven't already. As you go through the website and think, "wait, what the heck was that?", the answer will probably be in the FAQs. Feel free to browse through the tribes in the tribe index or in /t/newtribes to find the ones that interest you most. You can also use the search bar at the top to find relevant tribes.

    Lastly, posting a snap here is very different from posting content at reddit or Voat - when you get a chance, I highly recommend familiarizing yourself with all the different modules you can attach to a snap - images, links, videos, lists, etc. You can add relevant links to others' snaps as well. It's really an impressive system that allows individual snaps to become impressive agglomerates of useful, well-designed information.