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Pimp your tribe here

Fellow snapzites, would you like to talk about your tribes to all these new users?

New users, have you created a new tribe and would you like to let everyone else know?

Let's do a megathread and have everything here!

Reminder: If you have a new tribe, you can also advertise it on /t/newtribes

Personally I would like to promote my two tribes:

/t/languagecafe is a place for people who want to have chats/conversations in a language other than English. It can be for native, intermediate, fluent, beginners. The point is to practice and chat! I'm hoping that with more people joining we will be able to cover more languages and have interesting conversations.

/t/boardgames is a place to talk about board games, share reviews about games you like and really just anything that is related to the fun of board games!

Tip: If you want to link directly to your tribe, just type / t / nameoftribe (but remove all the spaces) and it will link automatically.


3 years ago by Cheesemangeur with 16 comments

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    /t/poeticvideos is my Snapzu alternative to /r/youtubehaiku. It's dedicated to the submission of videos and their only requirements are that they be 30 seconds or shorter and hold some sort of poetic value to them (Really funny, bizzare, stunning, have a twist ending, etc). I've gone ahead and migrated a few of my favorite posts from youtubehaiku for the sake of having SOME content already.

    /t/rhea is a personal tribe that will be used to document and discuss my personal Unreal Engine video game project. Nothing there as of yet, but I have some stuff up on my wordpress in case you're interested to see where it's at in development right now: https://aaronniles.wordpress.com/

  • Ranmaru

    /t/asmr exists but there is no content there (I tried submitting a video but Snapzu is really slow atm and wouldn't let me do it). I request my fellow ASMR junkies to populate that tribe!

  • FivesandSevens

    I just started /t/gratefuldead and would love to see some folks over there. Hardcore Deadheads or casuals - no credentials required, just an interest in the music. There's a discussion post for tonight's Fare Thee Well show up, natch, and lots of room for growth. I'd love to hear suggestions too.

  • Psilocybin

    How many points do you need to start a new tribe?

  • Wummi

    Well i just started /t/wien and /t/vienna

    maybe some fellow austrians are already on here! LETS GET THIS GOING

  • VoyagerXyX

    Hi everybody, I'm VoyagerXyX and I'm the chief of the following: /t/3ds /t/Maschine /t/ProTools

    Feel free to join me at any of these if you share an interest!

    Bonus for those of you in Northern California I've also started: /t/SantaRosa and /t/Sebastopol

    Looking forward to hanging out with all of you!

  • PublicPear

    Need people over at /t/liverpoolfc! My first tribe, and I would love to get some LFC related discussions started!

  • sick

    /t/exinferno chiming in!

    Global gaming community with 300+ active members across games such as: WoW, ArcheAge, SW:TOR, H1Z1 etc...

    Fun, but focused (Non-zerg, meaning we interview every member) group. 18+ only. We have a 512 slot Teamspeak server, hop by, and look for me "Sick" to come and chat! (Hell, even if it's just about Reddit burning LOL)

    Our Teamspeak3 Info: exinferno.com <--