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Brace yourselves, more trouble at the big "R".

There is trouble brewing at Reddit again, an ongoing fight between /r/The_Donald and... well... pretty much everyone else, looks like it's about to come to a head. It could be nothing but, if things break like the rumors are suggesting, there could be a flood of new members.

EDIT About an hour ago Reddit Admins removed a few of the mods over at /r/The_Donald. This prompted the remaining mods to put the community in Private mode. Voat is already a sinking ship and it won't be able to handle an influx of new users this large.

EDIT 2 Users are now reporting that their posts and comments to /r/The_Donald are being removed.

4 days ago by ChrisTyler with 13 comments

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  • drunkenninja

    I have a feeling that voat will be taking the brunt of their "exodus" if there is one :)

    • ChrisTyler

      They're gonna kill Voat.

      Voat's already been having trouble staying afloat with server costs. If they get hit with big wave of new users it'll swamp them.

    • Chingala

      Voat's shutting down, thankfully!

      • ChrisTyler

        I wouldn't get too excited about Voat shutting down if I were you.

        If there does end up being, even a small Reddit exodus, and Voat gets dragged down by it, you can bet that the stable platforms like Snapzu are going to be the ones hit hardest. And we're talking about a lot more people than the past waves of Reddit Refugees.

      • Gozzin

        I hope they don't all come here.

        • Appaloosa

          I don't think they will and if they do, they won't stay. It's not their type of environment.

  • archmagician

    Just looked at /r/outoftheloop and saw what is going on. It certainly seems they're a wee bit upset.

    • ChrisTyler

      Yeah, it's going down right now. The Admins removed a few of the mods and /r/The_Donald is in private mode at the moment.

      • archmagician

        I couldn't understand people getting all worked up about stuff on Usenet 15 years ago (though I did have fun working them up) and still don't know how people get so upset by online stuff now. It all seems so pointless.