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Text Post: New member saying hi! posted by ohtwenty
  • drunkenninja (edited 2 years ago)

    Yep, not every tribe has the same activity level so it's really great to join the ones you want to appear in your feed and generally use the feed as your main point of jumping off into content. Fishing for me is actually all about the disconnection from the rest of the world, be it a busy city life, or just the demands of the internet with it's never ending stream of emails and notifications. Finding a great spot, focusing on the gear and working to set it up just right so that the fish react to is an amazing and relaxing experience. Many times you yield absolutely not a single fish, but when you do, you got dinner, a story and just something to go do with a few close friends.

    Also, I'm glad you're fond of us Canadians, we do try to be pleasant, but generally just end up saying sorry for being overly pleasant, if that makes any sense :D

    • ohtwenty

      It does make sense, actually. Us Dutch are kind of on the other end of the spectrum, being too blunt etc, but we get by I think.

      Hm, the fishing thing makes more sense like that. I like watching movies for much the same reason. A month or two ago watched Tarkovsky's Solyaris in the cinema, and it's a three hour long, kind of slow story about a man who goes to a spaceship where the crew is going mad. It's like being taken into a new world (almost literally in the case of that movie), so I think I understand.