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  • picklefingers

    I think reddit just didn't scale well. Their system worked perfectly when it was a small website, but they did ABSOLUTELY nothing to help it adjust to being a bigger site. The only changes they made were PR related. You can't just let your website sit there and hope it fixes itself like it always has. That eventually stops working.

    Personally, I hope we all go our separate ways. I think we should be like forums. There is no real top-dog forum. Everybody just lives in peace with their own community. I like the Snapzu and Hubski communities, I'll stick with them. Other people might like the Voat and atob community and be there. I think trying to make your content aggregator the biggest on the internet is just a doomed goal. You should focus on your community, not your traffic.

    • hallucigenia

      Truth! Community is king!

      atob is awesome, btw, but I wouldn't compare it to reddit. It's more like 4chan.

    • loch

      IMO their system worked fine a large scale too because people can go and hang out in their little areas and corners of the site. But recent, sitewide changes really jimmies the nails.

      • Keeb

        Ya, I actually thought the subreddits and mutlireddits were great developments when it came to scaling. I think they just got too greedy, to aggressive with trying to monetize and offended everyone.

        • PeachTime

          plus there was almost zero communication between the admins and the mods. a lot of reddit's "rules" were very vague and were never explained fully.

    • Buttpickles

      I think the issue with reddit was size and attempts for them to make money off of a user base that is generally anti-corporate. Bans on subreddits that are offensive to increase appeal to advertisers and then this latest BS related to IAMA was the straw that broke the camels back.

    • SuperCyan

      I feel the same way about the community splitting up. I really don't want Snapzu or Empeopled or Voat or Hubski to become the next Reddit; I want them to be the new Reddit for the people in those communities.

      I personally am starting to work more within Hubski and Snapzu, and I like switching back and forth between them. I don't want one site to be dominant, I want them all to be equal. That way, if you like the way a webiste looks or leans, you can stay there without going to others. If one site became huge, it would have the same ills as Reddit. There would be a bunch of different factions fighting over turf in normal places like /t/videos or /t/news. I've seen a lot of horrible stuff being said about minorities and women in seemingly neutral places on Reddit. Then people come in and start fighting with each other. It's horrible.

      If each faction kind of coagulates in their own places on the internet, I think each community would be a lot more enjoyable.