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Text Post: [IDEA] Reddit Refugees thread posted by folkrav
  • jessdabess

    Me too. The only thing that feels off is that it feels... empty? Just a lot smaller than I'm used to, but it is to be expected I guess.

    • ObiWanShinobi

      It's true, Snapzu has smaller numbers than Reddit, probably by a lot. But I have found it to be an unfailingly polite community, and with all these new people coming in, I'm sure there will be more content.

      • jessdabess

        The only thing I miss is being able to lurk through comment threads with hundreds and hundreds of discussion.

        On the plus side, here I don't feel like my comments will be constantly buried. So there are pros.

        • ObiWanShinobi

          I definitely feel like there is more room to be heard, here. It actually makes me want to post things, because there is a bigger chance I've found new content here.

    • stabthesnitch

      Some of the tribes are small, but seem to be active.

    • DominantMan

      Let's just give this some time. I'm one of those who used reddit for purely NSFW purposes. Ran some medium sized subreddits there but today was the last drop. I've registered here already over a year ago and it used to be completely empty for that purpose back then. I'm sure snapzu will grow on that department as well now and I'm going to abandon the reddit completely. Many much more advanced options here (though they are bit difficult to investigate as site is under heavy load right now)