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Text Post: [IDEA] Reddit Refugees thread posted by folkrav
  • Kysol

    Mega-Snap! (this was a discussion recently about improving Snapzu and posting duplicate content (not related to multiple "Hi I'm new" snaps, but more posting of the same article if there was say a terrorist attack. Rather than have the front page with 20+ articles about the same thing, to combine them into one group. Anyhoo...

    Yeah it would be nice to do that, but I wouldn't want to push people to do something they don't want to do.

    • folkrav

      I'm not for dictatorship, but I think we could show some civilized behavior by trying not to spam as a whole. That would be a way of limiting how much spam we put out and keeping the lounge readable and pleasant, without hijacking the whole tribe.

      • Kysol

        Yeah maybe using the sticky functionality, but also at the same time make it more... visible to new members, sort of like a spotlight "Say hi" thing. Although one upside is that it does give new users a warm fuzzy feeling to have members personally addressing them rather than getting lost in a deluge of posts under one snap.

        The dilemma, what to do, make things nice, alienate users. Let it get messy, drive away users...

    • KylarGrey (edited 3 years ago)

      I wonder if such a thing would be technically possible? A kind of 'meta-snap' that other snaps can be put into.

      • Kysol

        the discussion was that it might be a bit of work. Don't think it'll happen but probably under consideration. It's just amusing that the same sort of idea got mentioned a week after we were talking about it.