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  • picklefingers

    If have a question. When the site is big enough, there will be a lot of content creators who come to the site. These people will also want to keep their private life separate from the content. For example, it is assumed that on reddit that most celebrities that use reddit (regularly) will use a private account for private things besides content promotion and AMA. Will you guys ensure these peoples privacy? Personally, if I was a celebrity, I'd be turned off of a site if I was forced to follow the 10% rule if I'm ALREADY following it on a different account.

    • drunkenninja

      Good question. I think we will cross that bridge when we get there.

      I will say one thing however to clarify. Snapzu isn't reddit, and while we may have some similar aspects to functionality, we don't wish to follow that exact path. We do everything we can to protect privacy now, and we plan to continue to do so. However if someone wants to create multiple accounts to post self serving content on one and be an active / contributing member on the other we will naturally have a problem with that. We consider celebrities as people too, and we won't treat them any different than any other contributing members. If they wish to interact as themselves without using an anonymous username, thats fine, we can't stop them, but we are not about to bend the rules for celebrities anymore than we would bend the rules for an SEO marketer.

      In the future as we build additional tools and expand on the concept we will of course be able to highlight our rules more clearly.

      • Gozzin

        And this is why you can't chase me away from here with a big stick.