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Where do you go to find things to make snaps of?

I see lots of people posting awesome snaps about news and all, and it feels like every time I find something its already here... so how do you super snappers do it?

3 years ago by Jupiter7 with 7 comments

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  • AdelleChattre

    Snapzu, of course. Hafta know what's on Snapzu in order to scout for what ought to be. That way you can sort out candidate links as either snaps, content modules or related links. What's up already may click with something you'll see later on.

    They say it's better to be interested than interesting, right? That holds for making snaps. If one wanted, one could camp on Popurls snapping up Interesting links. That would be great, but it would be better if you knew about the subject matter because it's what you're interested in, chose things from sources you have found you can rely on, and could evaluate for yourself whether it would work at Snapzu.

    Not that it's all that hard, or all that easy either. As general as snaps are, and as new as this place is, I would imagine that we're all probably pretty lazily putting snaps together compared to the way it will be. Citing sources, providing tags, making attributions, cleaning up headlines and intros, picking the right appropriately-licensed pictures, on and on, it can get to be a whole checklist for everything you post.

    Really helps to be interested. What sites do you check as a matter of routine?

  • [Deleted Profile]

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  • drunkenninja

    I have an RSS feed with dozens of news sites and other magazine style sources. It took a while to put together but now I have a steady stream of interesting content I can pick and choose to share on here.

  • jcscher

    There is no end to the places I go to everyday to look for snaps. Sometimes it takes a lot of my time other days no time at all. I have a main list and an alternate list.

  • grandsalami

    I don't have specific locations. When I find something worth posting I post it.