• picklefingers

    I don't think there is any problem with having an MRA or SJW (man, what is it with social movements and acronyms) group on the site. I sort of consider myself independant when it comes to all that stuff so I enjoy seeing both sides talk. What I think would fall in line with Snapzu culture, is that those two groups could live in peace here on this site. In all the arguments I've seen from apposing viewpoints, only one has been vitriolic. Compare that to any sub with more than a couple hundred people on reddit and its hard to go a day without some drama going on.

    • racerxonclar

      This is why I generally dislike anyone that identifies with a group, if you get my meaning. Treating people fairly and evenly doesn't require associating with some group of people... it's just called being a good human being. When you start touching groups (SJWs, etc), I don't know... it always feels like it just degrades into this self-feeding circle of nonsense.

      • ducky (edited 8 years ago)

        I'd have to agree with that sentiment. Forming a group quite often tends to lead to a kind of group-think where you're discouraged from forming your own opinion on things. I'm obviously not saying all groups are like that, but quite a few are.

    • UnicornCommando

      But I really don't enjoy the "Tumblr Feminism" and the "Reddit MRA" groups. They are just usually attention seekers and don't really contribute anything anywhere.

    • hallucigenia

      Well, on reddit the SJWs are total assholes, and the anti-SJWs are also total assholes. I haven't had much interaction with the MRAs, but they don't seem like very nice people, either. It seems like no matter which side you're on, things turn toxic pretty quickly.

    • Timothyjdrake

      I have to put up with these jerks everywhere.

      Can't we just leave that crap to Reddit and act like human beings here?