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    So the reason I put this whole mess on Snapzu is because I like new experiences. I know it may seem weird but this is all interesting as heck. Plus I lived through it so I have no idea how it will affect me yet. There are some things that I had no idea the body could do. Like the signs of a heart attack and how long a heart attack can last ( by the way it's weeks). I didn't know that my right artery/ventricle was 100% blocked. But my heart has been rerouting blood through it by building new pathways (veins???). So this has been going on awhile. I also learned that on paper, for years, I have been in perfect health other than a back injury. I always get tested for everything, blood, diabetes, cholesterol, etc, Twice a year and have had no problems whatsoever. But suprise! Here's a major heart attack for you bitch! I will have to work on getting better tests!