• Colonial

    Thanks for the clarification! I'm very new to Snapzu, obviously, and so far it seems great.

    I just wonder why the "What is Snapzu" page is written how it is. Here is the No Censorship bit;

    "No censorship: We strongly believe that transparency and freedom of speech is vital to any community, especially online. For this reason, submitted content belongs to users and thus can never be removed. As the community grows and expands, we will continue keeping our censorship-free ideology as a top priority to uphold."

    Just reading that and not the terms of use, I though that Snapzu would not remove any content.

    • drunkenninja (edited 7 years ago)

      Would be glad to clarify. As administrators we are completely against censorship of any kind when it comes to well presented opinions and feedback in regards to any issue, be it political, personal or even about this website itself. Everyone has a right to an opinion and we are more than happy to help people voicing it. What we are 100% against however is any form of hate, threats or abuse directed at anyone on this platform or off.

      Here is a great overview of the type of content / behaviour we are against: (Copy and paste from our ToS)

      Threatening - Don't threaten people, you wouldn't threaten someone at your birthday party. Don't PM threats and don't post any type of threats in snaps / text posts or comments.

      Harmful - Whatever you wouldn't do to yourself because your brain instinctively tells you "its bad", don't do to other people. Unless you're a psychopath, then, just, use the code that your father taught you on how not to hurt others.

      Unlawful - Illegal stuff gets everyone in trouble, so lets not do illegal stuff. Don't post illegal downloads, music, pictures or anything else that would otherwise land you in jail if engaged in on another medium (like a bazaar).

      Abusive - Don't partake in abusive behaviour either by yourself or in a group. No witch hunts, no bullying, no posting of personal information, anything that you would dread happening to you, DON'T do it to others.

      Harassment - It's alright to have a heated discussion on whatever topic comes to mind, but don't continue to repetitively PM someone after they have given you obvious signs that they have concluded their discussion with you. By obvious we mean obvious, harassment will not be tolerated in any form.

      Libellous - Don't post personal information, don't post defamatory content about other individuals. I'm sure everyone of us hates negative untrue rumors going around about ourselves, this is even worse.

      Edit - Fixed a minor style issue.

      • Katherine

        This is fantastic – thanks for clarifying this!