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So whats on your New Years resolution list!!!

Lets face it, a New Years resolution is quickly forgotten by most people. But most of us start off the new year with at least an idea of what they want to accomplish even though things may not go as planned throughout the year. So if you are brave list your New Years Resolution list here!

For Me:
1) Don't get caught up in to many projects. Last year I think I bit off more than I could chew and ended up missing out on some fun.
2) Lose weight. Always a number one on my list! But I have plans this year to get back down to a weight I feel good at.
3) More Piracy! 2017 is the year of the pirate so I must up the ante a bit!
4) Take more pictures and videos (try to be narcissistic). It may seem weird but I am horrible at cataloging my adventures throughout the year. I am not a take a picture of everything I do type of person, I am more of a do it in the moment and everything else can be damned. I don't want to be attached to my phone but I do need some media to share.
5) Express myself more with interpretative drunk dancing.
6) Get prepared for gishwhes earlier than latter. It pays to prepare and after talking to some people who have done it for many years I have leaned to be prepared!

8 months ago by CrookedTale with 8 comments

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  • xXwraithXx

    Same thing as every year. Stop smoking.

  • Maternitus

    Not too much, just to avoid disappointments.

  • tranxene (edited 8 months ago)

    Stop smoking, stop drinking 1 liter of milk every day, stop eating 500gr of dark chocolate in a week.....

    • CrookedTale

      Whoa there, Dark chocolate is one of my vices. Giving it up seems so extreme.

  • Appaloosa

    To make someone smile.

    • CrookedTale

      You made me smile with your reply! (just so you know its one of those weird smiles that makes people think "What the hell is he up to?" when they see it and not a "Oh look he's happy!" smile. So you may not want to cross it off the list yet.)