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Prevent curse words as user names.

I've seen enough of this accepting and encouraging of the lowest common denominator to last a lifetime from being on Reddit. I really think Snapzu should aim for higher standards and allowing vulgar phrases as user names does not present this website in a very good light. Personally, I do not like seeing such words as user names and find it highly inappropriate. So what say ye Snappers? Should I just block users with derogatory trollish,obscene names, or should I hope that Snapzu won't turn into Reddit 1.0 and give such names a wink and a nod?

3 years ago by Gozzin with 7 comments

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  • chloe

    I get where you're coming from, but I see two major problems:

    first, there isn't really a finite dictionary of curse words. "fuck" is a no-brainer, but would "ass" be on the list of censored words?

    second, never underestimate people's ability to be incredibly vulgar with words you'd hear in a children's program, even. it just takes the right combination.

    because of the above issues, I don't see this being simple/elegant to implement.

    • eilyra

      first, there isn't really a finite dictionary of curse words. "fuck" is a no-brainer, but would "ass" be on the list of censored words?

      In addition to this, how would curse words in foreign languages be handled? Trying to integrate those as well might censor quite a few innocent looking usernames.

    • QuietKerfuffle

      There were plenty of wonderful and clever people behind some of reddit's vulgar usernames.

  • Cheesemangeur

    I get what you mean but it would be pretty hard to enforce and might block normal names from being created. And then if you ban swear words, people would just come up with more inventive ways like "I beat up women" or others.

    • Gozzin

      Ah,ok,well thanks for the feedback...Good points.

  • nectarine

    It's a very interesting point, the obvious example being agar.io with zero censoring.

  • Cat

    I think that's a hard one because who is to say what is a swear and what isn't? I love the idea but in my opinion it would be too hard to police.