• drunkenninja

    Hi Zonk and welcome! Actually the tour has been temporarily disabled due to some significant visual changes in the last update, it will be back however once we update the tour to work with the new changes. If you haven't checked out the welcome PM you should, most of the stuff the tour had is available right in that PM :)

    • zonk (edited 5 years ago)

      Ah, thanks for the info!

      I did read everything, but that doesn't give me the delicious XP!! ;)

      Edit: oh yeah, is there a way to see my or someone else's tribe mastery without going onto their profile page?

    • Chinky

      Is the tour back up yet? I too am thirsting for the nectar of xp.

    • cailihphiliac

      When they bring it back, will they raise the maximum level at which you can gain XP for taking it?