• Cheesemangeur

    Did you mean to post that somewhere else?

    • Zeus

      I think kvn might be referring to a CSS popup when you hover over the downvote button there, a quick reminder about what the button is really for, sadly easy to overlook in the heat of the "I don't agree with that guy!" moment.

      • kvn

        Unfortunately, you're incorrect. League of Legends players are known to be very...salty. The entire community is known as THE worst gaming community right now. Their reddit section reflects that. I once made a comment about how I believed that I didn't like one of the characters, and I got 50 downvotes overnight.

        • Zeus (edited 7 years ago)

          To clarify, I just guessed that you were referring to the popup that reminds people what downvotes are for. I never said I thought that sort of thing actually worked.

          I just don't think friendly reminders work on people who downvote to disagree.