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So my older dog is presumed dead...

She's the one from the porcupine pictures in my post history.

My wife and I have been thinking of her a lot lately and thought I would let this be a place for other people to reminisce about their dogs.

For example, she loves(loved) to give kisses on the face. When she was young I started saying "Go for the jugular!" every time she would try to kiss someone's face. After a while, "Go for the jugular!" became the command for kissing someone's face. My younger (dumber) dog never caught on to this, even though she also tries to kiss your face at any opportunity.

1 year ago by ttubravesrock with 9 comments

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  • FivesandSevens

    Lost my beloved Izzy two years ago. She was 17, and a very good dog. Lots of memories, of course, but there's one that always makes me laugh (at her expense I guess, but in good fun).

    She liked water just fine, but she was not a big fan of swimming. One day when she was a pup we were walking along a riverbank in the autumn. Dead leaves had piled up along the water's edge to the point that all the leaves on top were dry. It really did look like there might be flat, dry land under them. So she went charging out onto this "land." Just as she realized that she was about to get a dunking, she turned in mid air and looked back at me. That was easily the most complex facial expression I have ever seen on a dog. In that split second, all at once, her face said "you bastard," "Oh NOOOO," "If this dry land isn't dry land, is anything real? Am I real?" and "I am SO embarrassed" - all of this as she tried frantically to reverse her course in midair. It was/is hilarious, and 16 years later, as I was sitting in the parking lot sobbing after having her put down, remembering that face again allowed me to laugh a little, take a breath, and start the process of moving on.

  • drunkenninja

    Sorry to hear about your loss man. I lost my best friend back in 2012 and it was the worst.

  • OL44893

    Y'all have my sincerest sympathies. When my family dog died it was so very devastating. So much so, I've yet to have another dog and it's been 5 years now. She was a Jack Russell named Pickles. Smart as she was, at times far more clever than I! Fiercely loyal and protective, I miss her so very much.

    • ttubravesrock

      Luckily for us, we got Nova (our old dog) a puppy two years ago so that she could mentor the puppy in the ways of the world. She passed a lot on to her, but not so much that she's a copy of our old dog. It will be a few years before we get Luna (our young dog) a puppy to start that transfer again.

      • OL44893

        That's the way to do it. I like have critters in pairs. (Pickles had a pal too, Yahtzee. Lost him a couple years back.) My cats are in pairs. Double the fun! Ohmygosh though... puppy training, that's commitment. Lordy lou! I'm a light sleepy so that task always falls to me, I spent sooo many nights sitting on the back porch steps at 3:00am watching glow worms while Yahtzee took forever to find the perfect spot to pee. He was ridiculously picky, didn't like the dew from the grass on his stomach (kinda with him on that one), didn't like to get his feet wet (got him booties and he was dee-lighted). Good times.

        • ttubravesrock

          Having an adult dog helps with training a puppy, at least in our case it did.

  • [Deleted Profile]

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