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Text Post: Later, Snapzu posted by radixius
  • radixius

    It had nothing to do with the community. You're all lovely, if a bit too highbrow for me. That's the real issue, that weird mental gap between where I usually tend to sit on the internet and the conversation du rigueur on Snapzu. I'm an idiot and like cracking jokes and regularly enjoy making a vulgar, lubricious ass out of myself, but that doesn't seem to be encouraged, and from comments I read in a certain thread yesterday, greatly dismayed by certain segments of the userbase. Don't want to step on any toes. Not my style.

    And don't get me wrong, I tried to carve some niches out in this beautiful, yet strange little webzone you've all created for yourselves by inviting my bestest buddy in the whole world and making a couple of tribes, but it seemed there was no traction with those options and no desirable reason to expand out of these tiny cloistered safe spaces that everyone builds when given the sets of tools like this site offers. Another minor thing that kind of got on my tits is that there are very few real conversations that happen in the comments of snaps, more people just kind of talking at each other. Paragraphs of text that don't say much of anything. And yes, I catch the irony in that statement.

    Honestly, though, even after all of that nonsense I just wrote, the bottom line is thus; It's not you, Snapzu, it's me.

    • ishana

      So you are going back to your ex now... You still have feelings for her :/

    • SevenTales

      Hey man, at least you definitely know what you want and what you are. Awesome, that is. Have a great one, and if you drop by again, don't forget to say hello :D

    • Appaloosa (edited 3 years ago)

      Thanks for sharing. I feel a bit of a misfit myself, though never because of the behavior of people here. They are respectful, articulate and many times interesting. I try to stay out of the political arenas and try to go more for the weird and funny stuff....even non-pc, which I think is treading thin ice at Snapzu.