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ok newbies-what's your thoughts? Best and worst of SNAPZU.

Like me if you are new to SNAPZU, I am wondering what your first impressions are. What do you like and what are the drawbacks. Do you think the site should change?

3 years ago by Fooferhill with 18 comments

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  • worfldorf

    I really like the big picture stuff; the invite system and leveling feels like it gives more worth to your account and it seems like people are putting in more of an effort to post better content and be friendlier.

    Aesthetically Snapzu is leagues above Reddit, this feels like a well constructed website whereas Reddit still feels like I'm messing around with HTML in notepad.

    As for downsides, the bugs and sluggishness are annoying but I'm not going to hold it against this site when its so early in development. Tribe creation also feels like it should be a bit more customizable but I'm still going to reserve judgement on that until I've leveled up a bit more as I keep unlocking new things to do with tribe management.

  • Lyzern

    The site is VERY well done. It could use some fixes IMO but I guess it's mostly from being used to RES Reddit:

    * I loved being able to expand every image, GIF, self post and video on the front page

    * The snaps seem a little larger/occupy more space or maybe it's just the UI that takes up space; but reddit had a feel that had a lore more headlines to look at and therefore, made it easier to browse.

    * I just logged in today and I had some notifications but I had no idea which ones were read and which ones were unread. This really bothered me, is there any way to fix this?

    • seiggy

      Even if I could just get Imagus working, that would dramatically improve the front-page experience. Content expansion without leaving the page is a must have and soon. Too much clicking around required right now and I constantly loose my place on my feed because of it.

  • Xelleth

    So far Snapzu is amazing, we need content and not posts about leaving other sites. Without content the site is just a circle jerk of runaways. As a community we should start getting rid of posts that don't help build our community.

  • geefunk

    I agree with the general consensus in that I am definitely liking it. I like the leveling/reputation ideas. The biggest drawback for me so far is the limit on tribes you can join.

    • [Deleted Profile]

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  • Elodin

    I would like to be able to sort tribes by name.

    • Fooferhill

      Can you not do this in "show all". Not sure what sorting your after.

      • Elodin

        Yes I'm talking about sorting in show all, but I don't see anything that allows me to sort.

  • Fooferhill

    The look is great isn't it-I find it easier to decide what to read. There is a very different feel-wondering why? Would love an app version too. I'm hoping the bugs and delays are all sorted with time as the admins adjust to the influx in membership.

  • nightships

    Loving the site aesthetics so far, but I'm not sure if I'm just not used to the layout or the features are different. On reddit, I was picky about my subscriptions because I hate it when subs I don't care about clutter my feed. On Snapzu, when I go to the front page, it has I think all the default subs? Because I definitely did not subscribe to /t/fatpeoplehate but I still saw the post from there. In the Tribe Feed, it only shows my subscribed Tribe, but it shows it on a per comment basis.. so instead of seeing thread titles, or even the tribe where it was posted, I just see a comment. And if I click the comment, it links me to the page... of just the comment. Not even the thread itself! So it's a little inconveniencing, to say the least. I'm sure there's probably a better way to do this but so far I haven't figured it out. I do think the Tribe Feed could use work though - at the very least each comment should have the tribe it's posted under listed somewhere, because right now it's pretty confusing and it takes a minimum of 2 clicks/page loads to understand the context of any comment. Hope I made sense.

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  • spoderman (edited 3 years ago)

    I used to be an accountless Reddit lurker, and like many others I discovered Snapzu through the ongoing drama.

    I signed up to Snapzu because I really like the idea of a small, well organized community. The main issue with a community like Reddit is that you have to either agree with the mass or be downvoted to hell.

    What gives me hope that Snapzu will turn out diferently?

    * I think Snapzus system of tribes and xp favors direct connection between users, creating a mesh-like social network in contrast to the one-way communication of Reddit (where the majority of users doesn't participate and only comes for the porn/kittens).

    * The Snapu-Culture seems to put greater value in high-quality content

    * Snapzu is less tolerant of trolls an other hateful individuals. I think true Freedom of Speech requires the limitaton of the spam-like crap-flood that makes meaningful discussion impossible.

    What do I dislike about Snapzu?

    * The design/layout. I know that this is actually a big plus for many users, but for me it is a little feature overkill. I generally frefer super-simple layouts without too many gimmicks, like the banner or the fancy corner. I'll get over it.