Text Post: It's so pretty here posted by 32BitWhore
  • neg8ivezero

    Welcome! I'm glad you made it to this community!

    This place is, indeed, very different from Reddit (I came from there too!). I had to learn a few things when I joined so I figured I could give you a heads up on some stuff:

    1. The down vote is different than it is on Reddit or other sites. Only down vote if the content is in violation of site rules, spam, or not relevant. Do NOT down vote content to indicate disagreement or dislike.

    2. Snaps are a new way to post. Clicking the "Submit" button in the upper right will start the process to create a "snap." Snaps are like posts on Reddit except that you can add multiple types of content to one snap. You can link a video and then add a text module where you could write a review of said video and then you can add a picture relevant to the video and much more! There is even a button to add sources to your snap!

    3. The rules and pretty much everything are different from Reddit. Please read through the FAQ and the Site Rules to get oriented.

    Enjoy Snapzu, start sharing content, and feel free to ask any questions you might have. The community here is very warm and receptive. Discussions abound and help is plentiful.