• neg8ivezero

    location: South Carolina, USA

    interests/hobbies: PC Games, Writing, Rational Debate, Backpacking, Movies, Sci-Fi

    5 music artists: Incubus, Manchester Orchestra, Daft Punk, Kavinsky, Fun.

    5 films: Star Wars (original trilogy, Harmy's despecialized editions), Back to the Future trilogy, Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan, Identity, Indiana Jones Trilogy, Batman (1989), Alien, Aliens, Mostly any old, campy Sci-Fi/Horror films or Kung Fu

    5 shows: Twilight Zone, Frasier, Star Trek TOS, Star Trek TNG, Workaholics

    5 games: Skyrim, Torchlight II, Gauntlet, The Sims 4 (I too like to build things), Portal 2

    5 books/authors: Stranger in a Strange Land, The Door to Summer, The Lost World, The Harry Potter Series, The Martian

    favorite tribes: /t/lounge, /t/asksnapzu, /t/cannabis

    a dream/goal of mine: to have a career that I really enjoy

    two truths and a lie: (1) I am an atheist (2) I do not like 99% of drama films, even the "good" ones like Schindler's List (3) I have 3 nipples