10 things you might've not known you can do on snapzu

After over a year of using snapzu, and experiencing first hand most of the development that went into it, I figured I could share with you 10 things you may have not known about on the site. If you found any of these useful, please up vote and share this post to help it get more views and votes!

  1. You can private message members you are following by going to their profile and clicking on the "Message User" button found just under their progress bar located on the left bar.

  2. You can create text posts (like this one) in a specific tribe to start a quick discussion about whatever is on your mind. You can find the "Start a discussion" button on the right bar located at the top.

  3. The front page has trending content listed by votes vs time passed, but it also lists popular content with lots of votes in larger boxes. There are 4 sizes in all and they help to illustrate the most popular content.

  4. Your tribe memberships are sorted by Tribe Mastery, so the more active you are within a tribe the higher your tribe mastery will be. Users that visit your profile will see the top tribes you're most active in helping them decide if your account is worth following.

  5. Copy and pasting links into the link submission drop down sucks big time... So use the bookmarklet to significantly speed up the process of submitting snaps. The bookmarklet can be used while not on snapzu, and it only takes seconds to submit content.

  6. You can compare your profile statistics with another user! Just go to someone else's home feed page and click on the "Compare Profiles" button. You can compare your profile to mine by clicking here. /flex

  7. This place supports markdown, this dramatically increases the amount of formatting you can do within your comments and self posts. You can checkout the markdown formatting page here.

  8. You can submit your snap into multiple tribes which significantly helps in avoiding duplicate submissions. Use the recommendation feature to pick and choose the best tribes for your content! Sometimes the recommendation option sucks, so its best to tag your snap to help it figure out what tribes to recommend.

  9. You can expand the content of a snap by submitting additional related information by using the "Related Links" function located below the content of the snap.

  10. You can save the coolest snaps by pinning them into your snapzine. Other people can check out your snapzine, and you can use it as a personal bookmark storage of the stuff you enjoyed in the past. Here is a link to my snapzine!

Thats all folks, thats my list. Hope this helps people get to know things they might have not known otherwise, also please feel free to expand on this by posting your own stuff in the comments...

//Edit// Made minor adjustments to certain terminology as it has slightly changes since I posted this last year.

7 years ago by drunkenninja with 27 comments

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  • [Deleted Profile] (edited 7 years ago)

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  • doodlegirl

    - You can go to the list (http://snapzu.com/list/) and select MY TRIBES instead of ALL TRIBES to make the content shown only from your subscribed tribes. It's only available in the list view however.

  • drunkenninja (edited 7 years ago)

    - The reputation number displayed within everyone's avatar goes from 0 to 100%. The more up votes you get, the higher this number ends up being. Having a high reputation is a good thing and low reputation means the user is most likely a spammer or a troll. Luckily so far I haven't seen many people on here with low REP.

    - Clicking on the reputation number while viewing your own profile will show you a reputation outline page. It's a history that illustrates your daily reputation changes, showing how many up votes vs down votes you get for different things.

    - You can further customize what you see in your feed by clicking on the "Feed Preferences" button when viewing your own feed. You can disable certain snap types, events and contributions.

    Edit: I added a couple more tips, will add more as they come to mind.

  • teamsnapzu (edited 7 years ago)

    This is a great list of tips! We will try and create a few ourselves and post them here shortly!

    - There is a great resource in the form of a FAQ that has a lot of answers to popular questions about Snapzu. It is mostly overlooked, but it's a fantastic resource for learning the ropes and grasping the general concept of the site.

    - There is a snap management area for all published snaps that shows anything from the amount of views a snap has received to the amount of XP earned over its lifetime. Snaps can be sorted and filtered in various ways so its good to play around and see what you can come up with.

    - You can edit just about anything from the title and introduction of a snap to the splash (thumbnail) image or any of the modules. While viewing your own snap click on the "Edit Snap" button located in the management bar just under your main tabs.

  • jasont

    Here's one from me.

    When creating a snap, you can add extra things to it like images, video, links, maps and even lists. Here is a snap I just made and added a video to accompany it that you can listen to while reading :) http://snapzu.com/ja...hanged-music-forever PS: I'm not trying to spam my snap, just showing an example!

    • drunkenninja

      This is a great tip, and no you're definitely not spamming!

  • wondaROY

    I might be a bit late to the party but I wanna add one also.

    - Clicking the little stats icon in your snap will show you where your votes came from. I'm an analytic junkie and alway get curious :)

    • Chubros

      WAit, I'm confused. Why don't the numbers match? The totals for one of my snaps add up to +15, but the global score is +10. What gives?

      • wondaROY

        I'm assuming you're talking about this snap http://snapzu.com/Ch...e-wave-concept-truck

        You can't add all the numbers up like that. When you first create and post a snap, if you notice you start off with all +1's (all your votes done automatically) with a total of +1 global score, not +6. Others can vote for the same snap multiple times but affect your global score by only +1 even if they voted 6 times from all 6 sources. I actually find this voting system very smart because it allows snaps to have their individual scores in each snap, while using adding them up (minus duplicates, mostly your own) for a global score for the front page.

        • cy78

          This makes a lot of sense now! Was wondering what was up with the numbers not matching up.

        • Chubros

          I think I got it. Thx!

  • [Deleted Profile]

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  • aj0690

    Really cool info. I used to browse the list on the front page because the grid seemed a bit too busy, but over time it grew on me and now I can't see myself going back. I really like how snapzu makes the most popular stuff stand out with more than just the + score number. I just don't understand the colors on the bottom.

    • drunkenninja

      From what I could tell they stand for snap types but its hard to remember what is what... there used to be info on each snap type when mouse overing but that was removed.

      • aj0690

        Ah ok makes sense now. But ya I've only been around a few months (maybe 3?) so I don't have the history down with this place as some of you dinosaurs :P

      • [Deleted Profile]

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    • Splitfish

      These are actually updated now and use a heat chart from blue to red.

  • projecttiles

    Add this to the frontpage sidebar, TeamSnapzu

  • Slyken

    Awesome post, thanks for the tips!

  • drunkenninja

    I figure for anyone reading this, it might be helpful to post a link to my recently published snap outlining all the best features on snapzu. The list is based on this snap!

    I may have missed a few key items so if thats the case, please remind me in the comments section and I can update the list.

  • Fooferhill

    Thanks for the tips- handy for new users.