Hello, fellow website users

Hi there.

I've just joined your website thanks to an invite code that I received. I'm a software analyst in the automotive industry, though I'm looking to push my career towards other, more philanthropic industries. I'm a lover of technology and of all the different kinds of people, plants, and animals. I enjoy friendly discussion and I like when someone else can help me get a new perspective on something that I hadn't considered before. I play a lot of video games and listen to a lot of music. I really like creating, and talking about video games and music, but I'm not necessarily all that knowledgeable about it. Just really passionate. I really like the layout of this website and the idea of user XP and using tribes to "tag" posts.

I've read the FAQ here in the lounge, but I have a couple quick questions:

  • Can I browse only the tribes I have joined? I see an "all" but that includes things I haven't joined. (Never mind. I found it.)

  • What are some good discussion-oriented tribes? I see a lot of quality posts and I really like the "related links" feature, but the comments seem to be mostly "hear, hear" types of comments. Is that just due to low user count?

  • I appear to be following a bunch of people from the start. What decided I would be following these particular individuals? Are they notified that I am now following them?

Thanks in advance for any help you guys can give. I look forward to browsing with you.

7 years ago by Rathenix with 8 comments

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  • Qukatt

    Hey! You could get in touch with organisations like Childs play or special effect which are gaming focused charities to see if you can put your skills and passion together :D

    Special effects builds tech and software for disabled gamers who couldn't normally use the available peripherals, they are lovely people. UK based though, I dunno how that affects how much help you could offer them.

    • Rathenix

      Hey, thanks a lot for the tip! I would love to work for a non-profit/charity as long as I made enough to continue to support my family. I've considered doing volunteer work on the side, but with long hours and a commute I already barely get to see my wife and I never want to be that guy who puts work before his family. Special Effects sounds like a great group, and I've donated to Child's Play a bunch of times but never thought about working with them. Thanks!

      • Qukatt

        nice thing about childs play is you can do stuff like game marathons for fun and donations :)

        the other stuff to look into is maybe gamejams! you get a dev team together or go as an individual and you code a game against the other teams in he course of a day or weekend and then all the finished games go into a humble bundle style sale to benefit charity :) they are awesome fun and you can find them all over the world, both remote and real world and all year round.

        and yah, commutes are killers. I crochet so I can happily work on longer journeys as long as the project isn't too much to carry about. Since I cant write/read while moving.

        • Rathenix

          Oh yeah! I've heard about those gamejams. I've been working on getting into game programming in my spare time. I may have to look into that. Right now I live in a pretty rural area (not that rural, but... underdeveloped) so public transportation to and from work is pretty much out of the question. I've been considering audiobooks for my drives, but currently that's my prime music-listening time. I'm hoping to move to a bigger city with a flourishing tech scene in the next year or so to try and find the next step in my career, so maybe then I'll get to use my commute times for something more productive.

          • Qukatt

            Amateur jams are 100% the way to learn quick and dirty coding :D though id start with code academy maybe unless you have a team mate to help lol.

            I half miss living in the middle of nowhere but I would certainly miss good (on time!) public transport. Edinburgh has spoiled me xD

            • Rathenix

              I'm actually already a developer. Well, I'm an analyst these days, but I started as a dev. It's specifically game design that I never really sunk my teeth into. I've een messing around with Unity for C# stuff (my native tongue, so to speak) and Phaser for HTML5/JS games, which I really like.