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Terms of Use clarification requested

This is a big issue driving some people away from reddit, so I thought I'd request clarification because I figure it's going to come up sooner or later. In the Terms of Use under User Content it says:

By using Snapzu, you agree not to make available content that is threatening, harmful, unlawful, abusive, harassing, or libelous.

However, I haven't seen much clarification on what Snapzu considers threatening, harmful, abusive or harassing. Obviously the defenders of /r/fatepeoplehate on reddit have a libertarian definition of "harmful, abusive or harassing" that could use clarification here. In my opinion reddit was justified in their action, even if they weren't as consistent as they might have been. On the other hand, I'm a frequent participant on atheist sites which some religious believers consider abusive or harassing to them when they encounter it.

So my question is where does Snapzu draw the line?

3 years ago by spaceghoti with 23 comments

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  • teamsnapzu

    Hi Spaceghoti!

    I'm going to be honest with you. The nature of your question is a complex one, and obviously it's impossible to provide a black and white answer due to the sheer amount of relating scenarios that can play out on a daily basis. There is no way that we can properly formulate enough rules to cover every single scenario. The fact of the matter is we aren't smart enough to even attempt a task of this magnitude and I doubt anyone is going to want a lawyer just to go through our terms of use.

    We are a few guys with a dream to grow a respectful community that stands above the general hate and racism we see in so many other places. Below I will go over each of the words and provide our understanding of how we see it. I think that's the best we can do at this point.

    1. Threatening

    Don't threaten people, you wouldn't threaten someone at your birthday party. Don't PM threats and don't post any type of threats in snaps / text posts or comments.

    2. Harmful

    Whatever you wouldn't do to yourself because your brain instinctively tells you "its bad", don't do to other people. Unless you're a psychopath, then, just, use the code that your father taught you on how not to hurt others.

    3. Unlawful

    Illegal stuff gets everyone in trouble, so lets not do illegal stuff. Don't post illegal downloads, music, pictures or anything else that would otherwise land you in jail if engaged in on another medium (like a bazaar).

    4. Abusive

    Don't partake in abusive behaviour either by yourself or in a group. No witch hunts, no bullying, no posting of personal information, anything that you would dread happening to you, DON'T do it to others.

    5. Harassment

    It's alright to have a heated discussion on whatever topic comes to mind, but don't continue to repetitively PM someone after they have given you obvious signs that they have concluded their discussion with you. By obvious we mean obvious, harassment will not be tolerated in any form.

    6. Libelous

    I think thi...

    ... Read Full
    • Jonah (edited 3 years ago)

      If you're an asshole and take pleasure in doing any of the above things, go away now, or we will quickly show you the door.

      Relevant xkcd: https://xkcd.com/1357/

    • spaceghoti

      Thank you very much. I'm sure that at some point in the future there will be people eager to nitpick this to find various loopholes to justify a variety of bad behavior, but I wanted to bring it up now so we could think about it. Good luck!

      • canuck (edited 3 years ago)

        Thanks for asking forcing them to clear it up LOL. BTW excellent reply /u/teamsnapzu

    • click

      Can I ask something about the illegal thing? Which laws are followed, and more importantly, where is the line drawn? Reddit and voat are OK with having communities discussing illegal things like trackers, or how to make drugs at home, etc, which tiptoe the line of legality, or borderline illegal stuff like lolicon and jailbait. What's snapzu's stance on this?

  • i208khonsu (edited 3 years ago)

    Being a Snapzer for about a month and a Voater for perhaps two months; personally I think if you want to post pictures of fat people and make fun of them behind their back then Voat is more your place. However if you want to have a conversation about politics and not worry about mods deleting your post because someone's feelings might get hurt, Snapzu is the place for you.

    • canuck

      It's Snapzite not Snapzer lol

      • picklefingers

        Sounds like a pokemon evolution chain, Snapzu->Snapzite->Snapzer

        • AvocadoAtLaw

          THIS ISN'T EVEN MY FINAL FORM! Snapzer evolved into Snapzerite.

        • hallucigenia

          That fits with the whole leveling-up thing, too.

  • kigurame

    That is actually a very valid question maybe we can get /u/teamsnapzu so shed some light on this

  • beren

    It is so refreshing to read a thoughtful question like this without having to suffer all the hateful arguments and comments on that "other site".

  • ithilin (edited 3 years ago)

    This is something I'm very interested in.

    Currently, I hope that snapzu.com respects those terms as I have become more and more disinterested in Reddit as of late due to its toxic nature. At the same time though, I still love it for it's smaller dedicated subreddits. So I haven't completely left.

    I'd like to start out by saying that honestly not much offends me as some people like to frame it (my objection to their actions), but when I think of stimulating conversations or stimulating topics -- I don't usually affiliate(harassment,subs made to promote racism,rape fantasies) drivel to be of any use in either of those endeavors. As all of that is worthless and not needed in my opinion, those actions should be sifted aside and not allowed to fester or prosper. If they'd like to continue, there are plenty of platforms for just that.

    A bit of clarification, I also visit these aggregation websites for benign hobbies or humor that I'm interested in but even then good conversations can occur in the more trivial of pursuits as well.

    With that, I hope snapzu is something different.

    Edit: For anyone interested, I made a userstyle for stylish that converts the website into a dark theme. https://userstyles.org/styles/115080/snapzu

    Just a forewarning about stylish. It doesn't currently support auto updating so just keep checking back in on my stylish page for updates.

    • [Deleted Profile] (edited 3 years ago)

      [This comment was removed]

    • picklefingers

      Really like the stylesheet. The usernames are a bit jarring though.

      • ithilin (edited 3 years ago)

        Thanks, I'll fix the usernames soon. I was at first just trying to make them readable but I'll figure out a good balance between readability and style as you're right, they are a bit over the top at the moment.

        Edit: I've updated the version and fixed a lot of issues that I missed before. It should be pretty stable now.

  • [Deleted Profile]

    [This comment was removed]

  • PrismDragon

    Glad to see these were answered. Though, I think we'll need to clarify these again in the future when needed, especially when controversial topics rise up.